Designing custom homes with my husband, Brandon Craft Developments for nearly a decade.


Hi! I'm Cherith Craft.

I am married to my partner in crime Brandon (Brandon Craft Developments) and together we've been designing gorgeous custom homes for over a decade. Being a builders wife has also meant we've lived in almost as many homes as we've built. I have three amazing, sassy and independent daughters under the age of 12, and we are also foster parents.

I personally love open and clean spaces, focusing on several key pieces of quality furniture, all while expressing your own personality in a unique and creative way. I like to build a more neutral home with natural elements (i.e. neutral wall colors, wood floors, wood beams etc.) The reason for this, is it helps YOU have flexibility in your design (and the occasional re-design). A blank canvas can go from Boho to traditional to modern with ease. 


She came into my home after a hectic day with her kids, and sat down at my kitchen island and suddenly everything changed. She went from looking tired to inspired. The days troubles fell away from her face and she smiled. "Cherith. I don't know what you do, but every time I come to your house I just feel at PEACE. I wish my home felt like this." 

This is a true story, and one that happens more often than not.  I do love having a beautiful home, but more importantly I want a home that I feel confident bringing people into, and a home that inspires peace and community. 


It's not about "looking like Cherith" but presenting your personality in a way that still brings peace, and having quality furnishings that are well designed so that you LOVE bringing people into your home.


Cherith Craft Interiors.

Designing homes that bring peace and confidence.