6 Tips for Gorgeous Gallery Walls.

Gallery walls are tricky. I understand the struggle myself. We have all these beautiful photos and pieces of art that we want to display, but we also don't want the end product to look cluttered or weird.  

Here are a few tips to help you find the gallery wall style that works best for you.  You don’t need to use all tips to make it come together.  Pick one or two and run with that.

1) COLOR SCHEME. If you keep all your pieces in the gallery on a narrow color scheme all the peices will go together and look carefully curated, not just thrown together. 

2)  BLACK AND WHITE. Photographs are hard because it's rare that all the colors in the photo go perfectly with your decor. If you turn the photos into black and white they will not only suddenly be timeless, but they will "go" with EVERYTHING

3) MATTING. If you have the same thickness of matting for all the pictures, it will help your wall look clean, uniform and neat and not overwhelming. *Helpful hint. The thicker the matting the "fancier" your wall will look.

4) FRAMES. Your frames should all go together. This can mean ALL the frames be the same thickness, or the same color, or all metallic, or all white. Whatever you choose, commit to it! It's hard to go wrong with thin neutral frames. 

5) SCALE. Don’t be afraid of a few large art pieces! That is something that often sets a pro apart from amateurs, is the professional designers are not afraid of using large artworks in their designs.

6) PLAN AHEAD. Before you put all those holes in your wall, plan out on the ground or on a computer design program EXACTLY how you want your wall to look.  Do you want there to be a “line” that each frame falls on or do you want it to have an “organic” feel?  Plan this out before hand so you know where you are headed.